Emoji exchanging: Activists shame Wagner mercenaries on Telegram

Emoji exchanging: Activists shame Wagner mercenaries on Telegram

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Activists shame Wagner mercenaries on Telegram

A Telegram channel of Wagner mercenaries has had to block emoji responses after activists apparently hijacked the ceremony with Ukrainian symbols. Among other things, blue and yellow flags are now waving below the marshal’s post.

Hackers and activists continue to tease the Russian invaders with humorous pranks that ridicule their propaganda. In a recent action, they force the administrators of a Telegram channel wagner mercenariesTo lock the emoji reaction, there is a pro-Ukrainian symbol that is selected multiple times.

Bellingcat journalist Christo Grosev posted a screenshot Twitter Wagner posted with the admins explanation: “Our opponents miraculously replaced an emoji! Therefore, the responses below the post are temporarily unavailable.” The screenshot shows the emblem of the Azov regiment, which defended Mariupol, became a symbol of resistance to the invaders.

Wagner mercenaries are clearly not the only “victims”. Under Grozev’s tweet, a user points to other Russian channels that also feature pro-Ukraine symbols. It includes a fun green emoji with a blue and yellow flag, but also includes the emblem of the Kraken Regiment, which was founded by Azov fighters.

with humor against Russian propaganda

It is not known who is behind the action. Ukraine is the most famous group of pro-internet activists.NAFO“, humorously dismissing Russian propaganda. On Twitter, members (friends) can be identified by their avatars, which usually use an image of a Japanese Shiba Inu dog, which is used as a funny cryptocurrency on the Internet. Also used as a symbol of, among other things dogecoin is known.

Among other things, the famous saying “What is air defense doing?” (“What is air defense doing?”). It comes from a pro-Russian account’s reaction to the bombings at airports in Ukraine-occupied Crimea in August. Since then, NAFO allies have used it to poke fun at the invaders’ military ineptitude.

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