Energy advice being expanded –

Energy advice being expanded -


Due to rising prices in the energy sector, many Vorarlbergers are currently looking to switch to renewable energy. According to state governor Barbara Shoby-Fink (ÖVP), there has been a massive increase in inquiries from energy advisors in recent weeks. So the country now wants to expand energy consultancy.

More and more people want to move away from fossil fuels and, for example, convert their heat to renewable energy sources. There are also subsidies for switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. But often the question arises as to which energy system is suitable. The Energy Institute has the answers.

The number of inquiries increased tenfold

However, the number of inquiries has increased tenfold. Even additional shifts of consultants can reduce waiting times for interested parties.

The state now wants to help, says state governor Barbara Shoby-Fink: “We will expand the energy consultation. I consider this a necessary step, as there has been a flood of energy advice for a few months. Want to know how to get out of fossil fuels. That means it’s going to be necessary to stock up there as well.”

Oil embargo against Russia raises energy prices

Inflation in Austria continues to rise – it is currently eight percent and thus as high as 50 years ago. This is most noticeable in energy and fuel. The EU oil embargo against Russia is also having an indirect effect on the energy sector in Vorarlberg.

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