Energy Saving With Artificial Intelligence –

TU Graz brings AI to the countryside in a playful way


TU Graz’s No Center has grown over the past 20 years into a leading research center in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in Europe – and has created technology that could be of great help right now.

In the energy sector, artificial intelligence is already being used in the programs of large infrastructure operators – for example to keep the energy supply balanced.

Energy community among neighbors

In the future, this will also be possible with energy communities among neighbors, says Wolfgang Kinrich of the NO Centre: “If I have at my disposal various methods of energy production – from solar cells to wind turbines – my neighbors will do the same. will do, and if I have different, for example, I have energy consumers like electric car, but my neighbor has others and I also have a different pace of life, then it’s time for the neighborhood to come together and It makes sense to balance what separates energy consumption and energy output at different times.”

just a matter of trust

AI can strike this balance: thus using energy more efficiently and consequently saving money. The technology for this already exists, Kienreich says. What is needed is for people to believe that merger is possible without providing insight into our personal lives.

“Such a neighborhood energy distributor has to clearly state where and when the energy was distributed. It has to be ensured that the data on which it is based is not passed on to the outside world. It is possible today. we can start.”

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World leader in privacy protection

According to Kienreich, NoCenter and its partners are the world leaders in the development of data analysis methods that protect the privacy of individuals as well as companies. It is therefore expected that more and more people and companies will adopt AI tools for themselves to use it to solve the problems of our times.


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