Epson disables users’ printers because dampers are full

Epson disables users' printers because dampers are full

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printer manufacturer epson Blocks devices that work even after a certain amount of time. A counter ensures that the printer deactivates itself with the message “A part has reached the end of its useful life”.

each part is ink sponge, which is intended to hold excess printer ink on the bottom of the housing. This happens, for example, when cleaning nozzles or with borderless printing. noisy epson A full damper may leak, which is why a counter is activated that deactivates the printer after a certain amount of time. equipment is affected L130, L220, L310, L360 And l365,

reset counter

who one Windows PC One can reset the counter using the official Epson software. It is not available for Mac or Linux. However, Epson writes that the printer only “For a short time“Works again. How long that is, hasn’t been informed.

Epson advises users to just buy a new printer, even if the old one is still working fine. As the news comes out, other components will soon reach the end of their useful lives, it is said.

The printer can be brought in for repair, but it will not be worthwhile, the manufacturer writes. Officially, there is no replacement damper available from Epson. However, there are instructions on the net how to replace the damper yourself if you’re afterink pad reset“Wants.

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