eSIM What is e-SIM? How to get it?

  eSIM What is e-SIM?  How to get it?

InternetDesk: Mobile makers are focusing on electronic SIM (e-SIM-eSIM) technology to investigate cyber crimes committed by Swim Swap. Apple will soon make the iPhone 14 fully available with e-SIM technology without a normal SIM card. In this connection, netizens started talking about e-SIM. What is a real e-SIM? how does it work? Let’s find out how to get it.

What is e-sim?

E-SIM is the digital version of the standard mobile SIM. There is no need to physically install it in the SIM slot of the mobile. This technology digitally connects your mobile to the network of your choice. For this, users will have to subscribe to the mobile network as a recharge. First you have to visit the network operator’s outlet and submit your credentials. Your phone will then receive a code from the network operator. With that code an e-SIM profile will be created on your mobile. This will allow you to access the services of the subscribed network company. Some network operating companies allot e-SIM to the user without the need to visit the outlet. Currently, Airtel, Jio and Vodafone Idea provide e-SIM services in India.

Apart from the phone..

Apple is already offering the e-SIM feature with the standard SIM slot in the iPhone XR model as well as all subsequent iPhone models. The e-SIM feature is also present in the Samsung Galaxy S series and Google Pixel models. Apart from the smartphone, the LTE version of the Apple smartwatch and the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch also have the e-SIM feature. In the Apple Watch 7 series, the e-SIM profile can be downloaded from the iPhone through the Watch app.

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Pros and cons with e-sim

Reduces cyber crime caused by e-SIM swim swaps. Also in the manufacturing of mobile the space used for SIM slot can be allocated to other components like battery, processor. With this, phones with more features will be available to the users. At the same time There are some problems with the e-sim. E-SIM users have to visit the network operating companies’ outlets for a new SIM profile every time they switch from the old phone to the new one. There is also no danger of creating a fake e-SIM profile by tricking the user with the help of OTP. Your e-SIM is secure till the time the OTP is not disclosed to other users.


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