Europe’s largest floating solar power plant becomes operational

Europe's largest floating solar power plant becomes operational

12,000 solar panels yesterday was in portuguese Alkewa Reservoir exposed. overall as big as they are 4 football fields – and set so that Largest floating solar power plant in Europe represent.

It should be from July 2022 7.5 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity produced per year. This is complemented by a lithium battery that can hold up to 2 GWh can save per year. Everywhere 1,500 Portuguese households would then be supplied with green energy by the power station, which would meet a third of the electricity needs of the two nearby cities. mora And portal It matters.

The floating solar power plant should supply 1,500 families in the future.

away from fossil fuels

As Miguel PatenaSenior Project Manager, recently informed that electricity from floating solar power plant 2 thirds Cheaper than gas power plants.

This would also increase the independence of Portugal fossil fuel financially supported. Gas prices in Portugal have risen sharply since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “This project is the largest floating solar farm on a dam in Europe, it is a very good benchmarkPatina said.

Largest floating solar power plant in Europe brought into position with boats.

What are the advantages of floating panels

Floating solar panels are nothing new. in california or on polluted industrial ponds China they are already being used, for example, to co2– Reduce emissions.

His profitOne thing, unlike other renewable energies, is that it does not waste land space. In addition, panels on reservoirs are particularly cost-effective. Because if the lakes are used for hydroelectricity, they are already connected to the existing power grid. On sunny days the additional electricity generated can pump additional water into the lake. and thus save extra energy.

The Alqueva project is set to expand soon. in april It became known that the second floating solar park in Portugal is in the starting blocks.

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