Ex-T-Mobile employee earns $25 million unlocking phones

Ex-T-Mobile employee earns $25 million unlocking phones

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In the US, a man has been unlocking a smartphone with stolen login credentials for years. former owner of T-Mobile Business was convicted because he was so”hundreds of thousands of cell phones” almost $25 million took it.

in the middle August 2014 And June 2019 He bypassed the lock of a lost or stolen smartphone. through Phishing And social engineering he had credibility from above 50 T-Mobile Employees stolen. In some cases, he even tricked T-Mobile’s IT department into resetting passwords for senior employees.

Disabling stolen smartphone and T-Mobile services

With login data he could speak louder indictment Feather internal equipment Access from T-Mobile. He introduced it together with his colleague unlocked of devices through e-mail and various websites. He sold them as an official T-Mobile service.

Login data is required, for example, if providers have blocked a stolen device so that it cannot be sold again. It can also be Paid T-Mobile Services be removed from the device that users do not want or need. T-Mobile suffers a loss of revenue as a result.

The punishment is still being decided. bully the man for everyone 14 offenses in the middle 2 and 165 years in prison, Among other things, he was Danger!, Money laundering And illegal access to computer Sentenced.

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