Exclusive exclusive for PS5, Amazon Prime customers

Exclusive exclusive for PS5, Amazon Prime customers

Amazon Prime users are about to receive a welcome gift: the playstation 5 is about to come heroine In a special bracket for “Prime” customers. In short, another pity for customers who will be able to own the PS5 for the next few hours without any queues. Unlike the “drops” that happened on other marketplaces like Mediaworld or GameStop, in reality, everything on Amazon is instant: enterYou order, it’s yours. However, for two days Exclusivity limited to Prime customers (But there is a catch).

ps5 su amazon

now official page Still indicates the console’s unavailability, but it’s probably only a matter of hours. In fact, here’s what the description says:

Amazon Prime customers will have priority PlayStation 5 until July 16, 2021

If you’re a Prime subscriber, all you have to do is get on the page at the right time: we’ll report any news directly on this page. If you are not a customer, however, You can do it now, by taking advantage of the first free month. You can finally unsubscribe at no cost, thus being able to get your hands on a PS5 with all the privileges of Prime subscribers, but at no cost.

It’s unclear how many will be available, so it’s not possible to know if there are still additional units available at the end of the special offer for Prima customers. It’s also unclear when the offer might start, given that it hasn’t been activated yet. Those looking to get their hands on the PS5 will have to go ahead in advance, in short, making sure they’re subscribed and arriving on the page at the right time.

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Could this be the right time to take home Sony’s next generation?

Update 14/7 at 16.00

The offer hasn’t surfaced yet. Hour by hour the deadline of 16 is approaching, but at the moment no one has been able to attend.

Update 14/7 at 20.30

PS5 not only appeared all day, but The reference to exclusives for Prime subscribers has also disappeared from the page. All that’s left is to look at what will happen tomorrow, to understand what went wrong with this proposition-not-proposition today.


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