Expansion of social media law, internet media will also be controlled

Expansion of social media law, internet media will also be controlled

What is known to the public as the ‘Social Media Law’ continues to work. According to information received from AKP sources, the law will not cover only social media. It stated that actions taken within the scope of “mass media” would also include regulation on Internet media.

“Behind the Wall” of the Newspaper Wall in Section “Existing laws will be updated within the scope of the Internet media agenda such as press cards, distribution of advertisements and taxation. With a law enacted last year, the condition of opening a representative office in Turkey was brought to the social network. Many Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook determined the delegates, but this remained on paper. Within the scope of the study, it is also discussed what can be done against the “behind the law and pretense” attitude of social networks. The issue will also be conveyed to the delegates who will be attending the meeting of the Assembly Digital Media Commission, which will host representatives from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, starting next week.It has been said that if the attitude does not change, So another rule can be made for opening of office.Within the scope of work done, new rules including protective measures for children and youth are also envisaged. statements included.

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