Facebook: A Video With Blacks Highlights Content For “Primates” – “Sorry, The Algorithm Is To Blame”

Facebook: A Video With Blacks Highlights Content For

Facebook user Watching a British tabloid’s video with a group of black men, they were surprised to see an automated message asking if they “want to continue watching the video”. primates».

The incident prompted a strong reaction and an immediate investigation into the function that was responsible for the notification and which is automated through artificial intelligence.

The Daily Mail video, apparently unrelated to primates, was dated June 27, 2020, and featured footage of a black man arguing with white civilians and police officers.

Recently, Facebook apologized for the “unacceptable mistake”, saying it would investigate the function “to prevent something like this in the future”.

“As we have said, while we have improved our AI, we know it is not perfect and we still have a way out. Apologize to the person too.

Google, Amazon and other tech giants have come under fire for years, but are also being closely scrutinized for trends, preferences, and biases resulting from their artificial intelligence systems.

Facebook has one of the world’s largest digital repositories with photos uploaded by users, based on which algorithms are “trained” to identify persons and things.

With information from The New York Times

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