Facebook moves forward in building its ‘Metaverse’ by launching an application to work in a virtual office (video)

Facebook avanza en la creación de su 'metaverso' lanzando una aplicación para trabajar en oficinas virtuales (VIDEO)


20 ago 2021 10:38 GMT

The Horizon Workroom project allows users to conduct meetings remotely as avatars and join the room via video call or with virtual reality glasses.

Facebook this Thursday advanced toward building its own ‘metaverse’ (an immersive space where real and virtual merge) by launching a beta version of the Horizon Workroom application, which lets you meet remotely and work in virtual offices. allows for. The shape of the avatars.

“Workroom is a virtual meeting space where you and your colleagues can work better together from anywhere. You can join meetings in VR (Virtual Reality) as an avatar or dial into a virtual room from your computer via video call”, tells Statement from Oculus, the maker of the software and VR virtual reality glasses Oculus Quest 2, acquired by the technology giant in 2014.

Users of the new technology will be able to ‘bring’ tables, computers and keyboards with them into the virtual room. In addition, each meeting will white board In which participants will share their ideas, write or paste pictures from their computers. Once the meeting is over, you can save those boards to the computer as an image file and share them.

Those who do not have virtual reality glasses will be able to connect with their peers via video call. In total, the application allows up to 16 people to meet (with whom they connect via video call) in a simultaneous VR format and up to 50 in mixed calls.

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“Basically, it gives you the opportunity to sit around a table with people and work and do Brainstorm. […] It’s an amazing experience where you feel like you’re right there with your colleagues,” summarizes Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Interview Con CBS News.

Horizon Workroom has a beta version reachable In many countries in Oculus Quest 2 VR Glasses. Facebook already uses technology Holding internal meetings.


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