Facebook says video insulting Evan Duke is not hate speech – Technology News

Facebook says video insulting Evan Duke is not hate speech - Technology News

Final judgment. Facebook Had to repeat a video in which protesters insulted him during a demonstration related to the national strike President Ivan Duke.

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The demonstration had no discriminatory purpose

First, the social network took down the video from its platform because the Colombian president was insulted. “Marika” That, within Facebook’s rules, is considered an insult according to the community norm of hate speech. Facebook.

The word is offensive and an insult to the gay community. This is why the social network has included it as hate speech within its guidelines And that’s why the publication was withdrawn.

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However, a user appealed against the decision and the matter was reviewed by the Facebook Advisory Council, which on Monday ordered the social network to republish the video.

“The council has rescinded Facebook’s decision to remove a post that featured a video of protesters in Colombia criticizing the country’s president, evan deux. In the video, protesters use a word classified as an insult according to Facebook’s Community Hate Speech Standard, “Read official statement.

Facebook goes ahead republish video Immediately and responded to the Advisory Council: “We received the Content Advisory Council’s decision on this matter. Facebook has acted to comply with this Council’s decision immediately and the Content has been reinstated.”

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In addition, the social network announced that it would study similar cases of videos that were removed, including insults, amid protests. “In accordance with the bylaws, we will also initiate a review of similar material with similar context. If we determine that we have the technical and operational capability to act on that material as well, we will do so in a timely manner.”

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What are the arguments of the Advisory Council?

The Content Advisory Council considers the video to be of public interest, which takes precedence over Facebook’s Community Hate Speech Standard in this matter.

“In assessing the public interest value of this content, the Board considered that Facebook should have applied the news eligibility criteria in this case,” he explained.

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Furthermore, regarding the use of the word “fag” in the video, he expressed that the word was not used to discriminate against anyone. ruler because of his sexual orientation rather “was published during generalized demonstrations against the Colombian government. The video’s lyrics, mainly, focused on criticism of the president. Although it seemed that the participants deliberately used insults, the performance did not end discriminatory”.

The council concluded that since the video does not incite discrimination against homosexuals, Facebook should republish the content to meet its “human rights responsibilities”.

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