Facebook: Wiener reveals data security leak

Facebook: Wiener reveals data security leak

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The work of the 28-year-old Viennese is currently occupying the international media. Software developer Felix Krauss has discovered a major data security problem on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram: Apps can use tracking to understand what users are doing on other sites.

He even made it to the New York Times: Viennese software developer Felix Krauss highlighted a security gap in social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram β€” especially when using the app on the iPhone. In particular, he warns against so-called tracking links.

Credit cards or passwords can be saved

β€œFor example, if you click on a link here on Instagram – for example, you are frequently recommended by influencers to something – this website will be displayed on Instagram. Additional tracking for Instagram data collection code and monitor what you do on other external websites,” explains Krause in an interview with Vienna Today.


His discoveries made Cross featured several times in the international media.

Links are often shared on Facebook or Twitter as well. In theory, passwords, credit card numbers or addresses could even be copied via tracking – without anyone’s consent. Krause confronted the companies with his discoveries in June. However, there was no change, so the New York Times began researching them. His work made Krause not only featured in the media, but also offered one job or another.

Wiener Succeeds Against Social Media Giants

A young Viennese software developer has now uncovered data security problems at social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter. He caused a stir at the international level.

It is better to open the link externally

According to Krause, you can still use the apps, but he demands that app tracking be turned off. Until then, he recommends opening links externally: “If you click on a link and come to the page, you can open your link by clicking on the three little dots at the top and then clicking ‘Open in browser’.” can protect.” It will exit the app. Krause’s appeal to Apple: The company should tighten the rules of the App Store to prevent such tricks.

Krauss focused his analysis on Apple’s iOS operating system. However, he admits that Meta, which includes Facebook and Instagram, uses similar methods on Android as well. Notably, they found comparable behavior with the Instagram app for Google’s operating system.

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