Fake Startup: Fake Crypto Delivery Service: Kryptoites Raises $500,000 to Investors | News

?? Fake food delivery service brings in $500,000 for investors

?? Influencers advertise the app of alleged delivery service Kryptoites

?? The press release should have raised doubts

Food delivery service Crypto Eats turned out to be a scam

Fake food delivery service Kryptoites has succeeded in robbing many investors of their money. A non-existent person launched a coin for a non-existent company, as reported by t3n. Reportedly, delivery service KryptoEats wanted to compete with established delivery services Deliveroo and Uber Eats and wanted to offer a coin as an asset, t3n explains. Cryptocurrency should be considered as a means of payment for food orders. In total, altcoin scammers were able to bring their victims up to $500,000.

Influencers advertise alleged delivery service

The scam became credible mainly through the attention the alleged startup received by social media. Some British TikTokers, such as fitness influencer Harrison Sullivan, known online as HastyKitky, reported on the alleged company as a VICE report. “In a week, a month, two months, this company could be the biggest food delivery app in the UK and it’s not listed on the stock exchange yet,” Sullivan has said of the fraudulent startup, according to Vice. But not only did Sullivan fall in for fraud, but rapper Bouncer and DJ Charlie Sloth also advertised a fake delivery service online. The scammers also hired people who wore hats, shirts and bags with “CryptoEats” written on them and had parties in London. “Omg CryptoEats Coin turned out to be a big scam. They paid me to do a promo vid for their food app, not for COIN. Was invited to their event, they all had delivery bikes… it was disgusting behavior that people really care about [sic] cheat hard earned money,” the bouncer posted on his Instagram Story after the scam was exposed, Vice reports.

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Press Release Reports Alleged Series A Funding

The fraudulent startup reportedly raised $8 million in Series A funding in a press release. “Crypto Eats is the first real step that people take [sic] “Enables the use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment for goods in the real world,” Vice said in a press release published via Globenewswire. and hired several delivery drivers. As t3n points out, one could have guessed the fraud, as the press release, which was most likely made with an automated translator, errors and should have created doubts among the readers.

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