Fantasian and Wonderbox are going to launch on Apple Arcade soon. HitchHiker and Farm It! Will release this Friday.

  Fantasian and Wonderbox are going to launch on Apple Arcade soon.  HitchHiker and Farm It!  Will release this Friday.

This week, Apple Arcade has a ton of updates including Fantasyon, Wonderbox, Hitchhiker and Farm It!

Singular It is coming to Apple Arcade soon and will be revealed through a two-part series. With the second episode released later this year, Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi said, “While Phantasium is a” famous RPG “genre, it has innovations that give the game both an old and modern vibe. Both are trendy during the thrill of the episode. The charm of the hand-crafted doormas and the heart-touching stories complement each other for the game’s inspiring ending. We can’t wait for everyone to experience this journey . ”

Other than fantasy Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker AQUIRIS will soon be released with a very popular blogging game where millions of players have designed their billions of gameplay. Soon, gamers of all ages will receive an update.

To update new content Pac-Man Party Royale, Spire Blast, Zombie Rollerz, Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon

Launched this Friday:

Fellow traveler – A mystery game from Versus Evil: Players will play hitchhikers without any memory or destination. Strangers have to mount a car through a beautiful landscape. Drivers range from hardworking peasants to extravagant waitresses with the mysterious disappearance of people near them. Each of them has its own story. Clues began to appear. The partners came to know. And what it looks like is not all that players have to solve puzzles of the past together. From the dangers ahead

This farm! From Tummy Games: Create a farming world in a cute game that is easy to play and learn how to play. Players will prepare clay. Choose which seeds to plant. Harvest and load crops in this fun farm adventure game. And players will also be able to interact with animals and characters in the game. Including unlocking various items. Go through a variety of exciting mini-games that will help you renovate and decorate your dream farmhouse. You can download the picture.

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Singular By MISWALKER CORP.: Fantasian is a brand new RPG with over 150 handcrafted dioramas models with stunning settings, combining real environments with 3D characters. The story begins in a controlled state. The balance between within this multidimensional universe has become the focus of the battle between the “chaos and order” state and the machinations of the gods who wish to control everything. Players play the role of Leo, the protagonist of the game, who is awakened by a massive explosion and finds himself lost in a strange land. Only one memory remained with me as the players determined to restore Leo’s memories reveal the mystery of a gradual mechanical transition. Slowly Eating Everything Known to Man This captivating story was written by Sakaguchi and was also praised for the soundtrack composed by composer Nobuo Umatsu for The Last Fantasy.

Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker AQUIRIS – Wonderbox takes players on an exciting action adventure. And expose them to a never ending platform where players can create and share their adventures with their friends. And the whole family can play Wonderbox with gamer creativity and exploration to create a game where players can use their imagination without end. In this game, players explore the land of Dioram in full. Beautiful screen Each box is carefully crafted and full of adventure. Players will face paths filled with challenges, enemies, puzzles and platforms. The challenge from the boxes will never end and players can invite friends to play party games or enjoy adventures together. Players will have all the tools they need to easily create their own adventures in creator mode – Items like blocks, characters and swords and grapes. Each item comes with a behavior set and allows players to easily create game content using the same tools that developers use. See What Blog This custom will combine into stunning structures to create an atmosphere and life for the characters. Hide treasures, position enemies. And design various conflicts in how players can easily publish and share new adventures with their friends and players around the world.

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recent updates:

Pac-Man Party Royale: Introducing Pac-Man Battle Arena, where 4 randomly generated players battle each other in 2 minutes. The power-ups and effects of itching change each time. Please be careful when other players. Climb the leaderboard to defeat your opponents and get the title as the best Pac-Man player.

Zombie roller: Players will meet a new boss. Galan-e-change A dangerous zombie with a tank vehicle. Players will be able to appoint a new hero, Specky, the daughter of the famous blacksmith hero, this time to fight the dangers.

Spire Blast: The game features a whole new world or Oceania depth with 60 new levels for players.

Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon: Hero’s Way The new update includes more than 30 unique skills and new RPG mechanics and character progression to customize each hero. Players can fight side by side with their friends. On your way through 10 new stages and face off against a new enemy, Skeleton Mage.


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