FAU-G Negative Review on Google Play Store, Rating Rated 4.7 Stars to 3.0 Stars

FAU-G Negative Review on Google Play Store, Rating Rated 4.7 Stars to 3.0 Stars

iOS users will have to wait

The FAU-G game is currently only available on the Google Play Store. So iOS users will have to wait a bit for this game. IOS has not yet confirmed whether the game will be available to iOS users, or when it will be available. Also, this game is not available for all Android users. Android users should be aware that this game is currently only available for later versions of Android 8. If you have a phone 3-4 years or older, this game cannot be played on your phone.

The game can only be played in one mode

Currently this game can only be played in one mode. This means that you will have a longer time to experience the entire game. Currently campaign mode is available in this game. In this mode, an Indian Army officer is separated from his team, and the rest of the officers and jawans will go on a mission to find him.

Need more space in smartphone

If you want to play this game on your smartphone, then your phone should have at least 460 MB of space. You will also need a mobile or WiFi connection / network to sign in to this game’s server.

How to download FAU-G?

The game FAU-G can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. But you have to wait till the game starts tomorrow. What to do after the game starts. We will inform you about it.

1. Open Google Play Store first.

2. Search for FAU-G.

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3. After that the search results will appear. First-second number will be FAU-G, click on it. (If the FAU-G game does not appear in the initialization options, you may need to scroll a bit.

4. The game install page will open on Google Play Store.

5. The install button will be visible to users only when the game is played live by the company.

6. Users who are already registered for this game will be sent a push notification as soon as the game goes live. Users will go directly to the installation page as soon as they click the notification. Users can install the game through it.

Fake fog game deleted from Google Play Store

The company removed the so-called fake game from the Play Store before making the game available for pre-registration. Making FauG available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store, the company has also shared some game play photos from which we can guess what the theme of the game will be. A few days ago, a video trailer of this game was also shared. Meanwhile, users who register for the game on the Play Store will be sent a push notification as soon as the game is launched, after which users can download and install the game.

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