Fawn saved thanks to a drone!

Des faons sauvés grâce à un drone!

It is the season for harvesting fields and other meadows. It is also the period when fawns are born, which hide in tall grass to protect themselves from predators… Many of them, every year in Wallonia, are mutilated or killed by machines. To avoid such a fate, three men have created the Aegazi side, ASBL Sauvon Bambi Belgian. aim? Intervene before mowing to save animal life. how? ‘ or ‘ what? By flying over the area by a drone equipped with a thermal camera capable of detecting the presence of living beings.

Thus the non-profit organization has set up a team of volunteer drone pilots to work in fields and meadows. If the non-profit organization first made its name in Luxembourg, it is now headed to the province of Lige, knowing that it includes a certain number of more rural municipalities. This is how Avance Municipality was approached. As it covered a significant proportion of cultivable land, the alderman in charge of animal welfare was quickly convinced of the merits of such a partnership.

Especially since we can see more and more deer eating at the edge of the ground. This has been observed more and more in recent years and is due to the restoration of hedges which are increasingly practiced to favor biodiversity.“, insists Maurice Baldwins.

Furthermore, the latter is more convinced of the usefulness of calling the non-profit organization as he discussed it with a farmer operating land in Avance. “Having already experienced accidents in the context of mowing, he thinks it’s a good idea. The municipality will send a letter to all farmers in the area explaining the services provided by ASBL Sauvance Bambi and encourage them to call the team.“, the alderman continues.

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And it is even more interesting for the farmer, it should be noted, that the intervention of the drone pilot is free… the animals are seen, recovered and sheltered. While waiting to be released after cutting the grass.

Note that if the non-profit organization is called “Sawn Bambi”, overflights of drones equipped with thermal cameras can detect other wild animals, such as wild animals, or even nests of birds established on the ground. also makes it possible. . ..

If you are a farmer and would like to intervene in favor of animal welfare, you can contact Madame Ska on 061/51 01 67 or via [email protected].


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