Fed: It’s More Than Inflation

Fed: It's More Than Inflation

Is the Fed Really All About Inflation – Or Rather Is It Using the Inflation Argument to Destroy Excess in Financial Markets Like Crypto? So is the bursting of the crypto bubble just the tip of the iceberg as the Fed tries to undo the disconnection of financial markets from the real economy? There’s nothing Powell seems to hate more in recent months than “animal spirits,” the belief that you can always get rich because stocks keep going up — so he keeps shooting up stock markets, Jackson Hole first. In, then in his last press conference. US inflation has been falling year-on-year for four months now – and there are signs that US inflation is continuing to ease. But Powell and co keep trying to push prices down by verbally saying that interest rates should go higher than before? Why only when they can see and know that inflation is slowing down?

Notes from video:

1. Gas shortage next winter highly unlikely

2. FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried: The Disaster of Chronology

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