Fetch your cell phone, stop barking? , DiePresse.com

 Fetch your cell phone, stop barking?  ,  DiePresse.com

Although you can now sign digitally, the 100,000 follower barrier will not be raised.

“Belen Must Go” is one of over 60 referendums for which you can currently submit statements of support. There are no dogged opponents behind this, but critics of the federal president who want to adhere to the three-word rule when shortening the referendum. And so do without “van der”. But there is also initiative “Nehammer Since the referendum must relate to a matter to be regulated by federal law, some initiatives resort to finesse. It is demanded that after a constitutional amendment, all resolutions of the National Council – as well as Motion of no confidence in the Chancellor – “may also be requested by popular initiative”.

While more referendum rights are being discussed, a look at some of the initiatives shows there is no limit to creativity. In addition to a trivia test for ministers, Austria’s neutrality is being sought to be written into the constitution for the second time. But it is difficult to compare the success of referendums held before 2018 and after 2018. Because since then you can also sign them with a digital signature from your cell phone. The tedious way to the municipal office is no longer necessary. But is the 100,000 signature threshold for a successful referendum still up to date?

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