Fickle to ban words like “simple” and “virgin” as an insult

Fickle to ban words like

Twitch has announced that it will no longer allow the use of words like “Simple”, “Insel” and “Virgin” on its platform as insults.

During the new livestream, Twitch COO Sara Kleims talked about changes to her revised hate behavior and harassment policy, which is set to take effect on January 22, 2021. As an insult – negatively referring to another person’s sexual activity – is not allowed under this new policy, “he said.

“In addition to the policy change, we are also actively rejecting the sentiments involved in the word ‘simple’. And we remove them when they are reported, and we will continue to do so once the policy changes, ”he added.

However, these terms will not be completely banned on the platform and action will only be guaranteed from Tichch when used negatively. “These terms will not be enforced by using them on their own but we will take action if they are used repeatedly in an annoying manner,” a Twitch spokesperson said. Edge.

In addition to the above words, Clemens also noted that ‘negatively targeting another person with sexually-focused words’, such as ‘prostitute’ or ‘virgin’, can also guarantee action from the platform.

Other crimes of sexual harassment include unwanted sexual motives, indicating that a person’s channel is simply popular or not banned because of sexual favors and threatening to leak a person’s nude without consent. Completely updated policies, including guidelines on harassment and other forms of hateful behavior, can be found Here.

In other gaming news, CD project RED has announced its intention to adjust the spun rate of dildos. Cyberpunk 2077, The following a Kotku Report On the amount of dildos “distracted” within the game.

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