Finally, Apple has made a state of real aging. what is universal control

 Finally, Apple has made a state of real aging.  what is universal control

Been testing a new feature all night universal controlwhich appeared entirely in the first beta version macOS 12.3as well as in iPadOS 15.4,

To be honest, I waited for more than six months and when it became clear that the initial release date (last autumn) was perfect, I was very upset. will not be celebrated, after all have to try,

And now that it’s actually happened, I Work, Now I will explain why Universal Management is very WonderfulFor which Apple is so loved. And this time without the sarcasm. We will release a separate guide on the ceremony a little later, this is an educational program.

Which devices support Universal Management

Universal controls on Mac are available in the Settings menu System Preferences -> Monitors.

Supported Macs:

* MacBook Pro (2016 and newer)
* MacBook (2016 and newer)
* MacBook Air (2018 and newer)
* iMac (2017 and newer)
* iMac (5K Retina 27″ and above)
* iMac Pro
* Mac Mini (2018 and newer)
* Mac Pro (2019)

Supported iPads:

*iPad Pro (2018 and above)
* iPad Air (3rd generation and later)
* iPad (6th generation and later)
* iPad mini (fifth generation and later)

what is universal control

I have noticed that many people do not understand what is usually universal control, The easiest way to explain it is this: Mice, keyboards, and touchpads are now part of the Apple ecosystem and work in a bundle with all devices, just like the AirPods. No, more convenient than AirPods. Because you don’t need to press anything.

With Universal Controls, your keyboard, touchpad, and mouse can control every single Mac in the house at almost the same time. They do not need to be reconnected to connect to the next device via Bluetooth. No additional wire is needed. You don’t have to access the rest of the computer and usually get distracted from work in some way.

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no you are fair drag the cursor Switch from one computer screen to another computer – and continue working on it using the mouse, touchpad and/or keyboard connected to the main device.

In addition, you can Drag and drop any file, pieces of text, pictures and other data: he simply attached them to the cursor and transferred them to the screen of another computer. Keyboard shortcuts like Command + C also work for this.

Not only Apple, all keyboards, mice and other accessories are supported. It doesn’t matter if the peripherals are built into the MacBook or if you use an external one. It doesn’t matter if you have a wired or wireless mouse/keyboard.

Everything just works in any direction. That is, from the input device of any computer you can control all other devices – without delay, without having to switch settings.

I almost forgot: except for the computer, all of the above is without restriction for the iPad and all the peripherals you have connected to it (including mice, touchpads, Magic Keyboard docking cases).

Universal Control is truly universal control of all your Macs and iPads from a single keyboard, mouse or touchpad.

even gamepad So now they can work.

Why (and who!) Universal Management is needed

Do you have two or more Macs? Maybe have both Mac and iPad? Do you wish at least once that you could work with them all at the same time and seamlessly?

If you answered “yes” to the above question, then Universal Management is exactly what you have been dreaming of for a long time.

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Anyone who is familiar with multi-monitor or multi-computer workflows will find great convenience in Universal Control. For example, if you have multiple MacBooks, you can more easily arrange them on the table and not reach for the second, third, etc.

Personally, I was really looking forward to this feature not working on multiple Macs, but for using multiple iPads with one iMac. In front of me is a large monoblock with a huge monitor and macOS is where I do my main work.

To the right is an iPad mini and spin up some moderately interesting TV series or any other travel blog from YouTube. On the left hand side iPad Pro will have Mail and Telegram in split view. Or a text editor for writing articles. Thanks to a new feature, I can manage it all without reaching for the tablet. At least all day they can stand and remain useful.

Now I drag the cursor where necessary and answer, change videos, write a letter, write an article, and so on. And the Mac screen remains full screen for Photoshop or free in the admin panel.

What’s more, Universal Control enhances the portability of multi-monitor workflows. Take your iPad with the Bus Stand, Smart Folio or Magic Keyboard and your MacBook to set up a portable multi-display desktop anywhere in seconds, without wires or additional settings.

I am confident that in the coming months, dozens of professionals from different fields will show even more effective and useful ways to use Universal Management in their workflows.

Six Months of Running-In Ceremony Gained for Benefits: Now No lag, breaks or “freezes”, Minor bugs, such as incorrectly holding the mouse button while dragging files, will apparently be fixed with the release of this feature. The main thing is that the basis of the function works almost perfectly.

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In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m wildly happy with Universal Control. To me, this update is more interesting than all of Apple’s firmware and OS releases since last summer. So I’m sending my respects to Cupertino by typing this text on the iPad with a wired keyboard connected to the Mac. They finally did a real awesome, how could it not Praise,

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I spent all night testing the new Universal Controls feature, which was released entirely in the first beta version of macOS 12.3 as well as iPadOS 15.4. To be honest, I waited more than six months for this and was very upset when it became clear that the original release date (last autumn) would definitely not be met. After all, I did try. And now that it’s actually happened, I…


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