Finally … Google releases Fukia OS operating system

Finally ... Google releases Fukia OS operating system

Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaGoogle Finally inaugurated the Fukia operating system. The inauguration was done years after Google uploaded the Fuchsia OS code to GitHub.

Specifically, the first Fuchsia OS was presented on an old-school device, namely the first-generation Nest Hub Smart Display, replacing the original Linux-based software, namely the Cast OS. Typically, a new operating system will also be released with new devices, but not for the Fuchsia OS.

“There’s not a new operating system every day, but this is the day,” Petr Hosek tweeted, on his Twitter account @petrh, to Google’s technical leadership of Fukia OS.

Fukia OS itself first appeared to the public in 2016 via GitHub. It is based on an open source operating system, not with the Linux kernel but with the zircon microkernel.

According to Google, the new operating system will gradually appear in all Nest Hubs, but initially it will be available only to participants in the preview program. This step has been taken so that Google can find and fix any bugs that exist.

The interface of the updated Nest Hub is said to remain unchanged, as is the absence of additional features. So, from the user’s point of view, they probably won’t feel any difference from the older OS.

But in fact on the other hand, this OS change will provide better connected capabilities, better applications and of course a better user experience in terms of digital assistants, namely Google Assistant.

It is possible that in the future Google will also introduce Fuchsia OS for second generation Nest Hub and other devices.
Google has also acknowledged that the Fuchsia OS may actually be an OS for laptops, as they tried it out on PixelBook in 2018. However, Fuchsia OS was never intended to be a replacement for Android or Chrome OS.

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