Fitbit smartwatches will provide room snoring and noise level tracking

It became known that the Fitbit smartwatch would soon have the task of tracking snoring and noise in the room. These characteristics will definitely be liked by people, as snoring can be a sign of health problems. New features were discovered in the code of Fitbit-owned Android apps by enthusiasts.

Image: Amelia Hollowetti Kraals / The Verge

According to reports, the new feature will work based on the built-in microphone in the smartwatch (only applicable to models that have a microphone). Thanks to the microphone, the gadget will be able to hear “Ambient noise including snoring” After the user sleeps. It is worth noting that this feature will significantly increase the battery consumption of the device.

The description says that the new feature is called Snoring and noise detection And she tracks “Noise including snoring from you or someone around you”… In the process, this device will attempt to capture and analyze noise, exposing the characteristic sounds of snoring. Perhaps, the tracker will not be able to determine who is snoring, the owner of the watch or the person sleeping next to it. In the function description, users are also advised to charge the smartwatch at least 40% before bedtime, such as “This feature requires more frequent recharges”.

Image: 9to5 Google

Image: 9to5 Google

According to reports, the new feature development is under phase. Although enthusiasts were able to activate it on their device, it was not possible to fully test this tool. However, the task of snoring and noise detection seems quite complete, which may indicate its launch soon.

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