Folder redesigned in windows

Folder redesigned in windows

Microsoft has updated the design of folders in Windows 10. It was reported on the company’s website.

Changes become available for developers to users of the version of the OS Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21343. Experts at the company have changed the appearance of desktop icons. We also changed the view format of the system catalog – “documents”, “downloads” and other folders. In addition, the appearance of icons for local disks and recycle bin has changed. For example, if previously icons of programs and catalogs were represented at an angle, they are now facing the user.

Other cosmetic changes have been added to the update. For example, the Windows Administration Tools folder in the Start menu has been renamed to Windows Tools. “We are working to better streamline all administrative and system tools in Windows 10,” – specified in the issued notes.

At the moment, developers who have installed the latest beta version of the system on their computers can gain access to the new design of Windows. It has not been announced when the operating system’s updated icons and icons will be available to all Windows 10 users.

In early March, it became known that the presence of the system icon had changed in the operating system from Microsoft. Developers have changed the design of icons for services and functions, for example, changing the font, inserting a link, “copy” and “cut”, and others.


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