For those who don’t have any friends, VR SNS “Unmetaverse” is now available for free on Steam. You can enjoy your slow life with peace of mind without worry –AUTOMATON

  For those who don't have any friends, VR SNS

Indie game developer Mito Memel announced on December 16th that VR SNS “unmetaverseWas released for Steam. It’s free and requires a VR headset like Valve Index, HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift (Rift S) to play.

“Unmetaverse” is a VR SNS that eliminates the voice chat and text chat functions that were indispensable in the previous VR SNS, as it is titled “VR SNS for those with no friends”. Communication between players is only gestures, and only the so-called “silence” exists in the world. “Unmetaverse” is a “yin-yang-friendly specification” which is the exact opposite of the “VR SNS-ness” created by existing VR SNS such as “VRChat”. In this work, the player and the material are only connected in both directions, and there is no room for interference from other players. You don’t have to build houses quietly by yourself, move around the map, or do anything in-game with the help of others.

The map of the “Unmetaverse” shares a vast area of ​​10 km square. Unlike the existing VR SNS where private rooms can only be entered by friends, there is no need to avoid or struggle before entering the room, so it is a VR SNS that people without friends can play more comfortably . The content is also pre-made for stand-alone play, and there’s an unusual note on the Steam sales page that “is not a service for Unmetaverse creators.” It’s tempting that the content is enjoyable, even if you’re not the creator or influencer.

“Unmetaverse”, which was released on Steam, is a version with a new “horse racing” function added as an update to the Early Access version released by Developer Booth. By building a stable, horses can be trained and raced. The UI has also been fine-tuned.

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Developer, Mito Memel, as of 2017 Software Inc. and has a track record of designing, implementing and operating game servers for the “Dark Souls” series. It looks like he is currently researching and developing VR. Last year, he produced and distributed a VR avatar for the ASCII art “Kuma”, playing a role in the fusion of Internet culture and technology.

“Unmetaverse” is now available for those with no friends or who want to be alone in the VR space.SteamOn free delivery.


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