Former University of Pennsylvania student sold Elon Musk-marked exam for $7,753

Former University of Pennsylvania student sold Elon Musk-marked exam for $7,753

An alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania sold some of his college assignments at auction for a few thousand dollars, but this was not because of the content of the research papers and tests, but thanks to the person who gave the bike. by Elon Musco,

According to Business Insider, student Brian Thomas took out the question papers from a course called “Title”.major business: Implementation and Operations” was taught at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business in 1995, according to RR Auctions, who sold the papers, where Musk was the assistant teacher for the class.

Thomas auctioned off the course documents for $7,753 and the first document, a full nine-page test booklet, had Musk’s initials on the front cover, and some light markings throughout the rest of the exam.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Musk examined key points in the second paper included in the auction, which is a case study, but left no comment, as he wrote his initials and Thomas mark in the introduction to this document.

The paper courses come with a curriculum that lists Musk as a teaching assistant on it, and Thomas keeps the papers as mementos in “admiration” of the late professor, Miles Bass, who taught the course.

Thomas told CNN, which previously reported the sale, that he doesn’t have any particular memories of Musk from the course, adding, “I can’t make a picture of him in class.”


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