Fornite Live Event: Last Chance for the Balvin Party Trooper Skin with Halloween Concert | Gaming | Entertainment

  Fornite Live Event: Last Chance for the Balvin Party Trooper Skin with Halloween Concert |  Gaming |  Entertainment

Update: The Fortnight Live event featuring the Balvin concert has begun, Epic Games will repeat it in the coming days, with the confirmation of Epic Games: “Bellando Reggaeton.

“You can catch a re-cast of J.Belvin’s performance again on November 1 at 1pm 1pm and 6pm ET (10 AM PT and 3 PM PT) – again on the main stage. You also saw the premiere and also at 6pm ET / 3pm. PT rebood with your friends on mobile. “

Original: The countdown continues until the first show of the Balvin concert at Fortnite Battle Royale comes alive. Epic Games has confirmed that things will start in PDT in the United States and in Europe around 6 p.m.

Players in the UK will have to wait almost until 1 GMT before they get a chance to tune in and watch. Part of the special Halloween live event is the tie-in party trooper skin that is available at the item shop.

It costs money to buy this and you don’t have to enjoy the game of J Balvin Concert on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mobile and Nintendo Switch.

Party Trooper Skin is currently available for purchase at 1,200 V-bucks and comes with a special type.

As a souvenir of your trip with Balvin at N.World, all party trooper owners who attend any subsequent party performances at Fortnight will unlock the special Balvin style.

Wearing outfits to the show is an alternative to unlocking the style, and gamers should know that they can bring any spooky outfit they like.

But when the party trooper comes up with a special afterlife party variant, it won’t be available forever.

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Epic Games has confirmed that Party Tropper will disappear from the item shop on Sunday, November 1st.

A message from the Fortnite support team confirms: “When the next party premiere wraps up, you can catch the re-light of Balvin’s performance on November 1 at 1pm ET and 6pm ET (10am PT and 3pm PT) – again the main On stage. You can also watch the premiere and 6pm ET / 3PM PT rebodcast with your friends on the home group video chat app on mobile!

“Want to wear a costume to a party? The new nightlife is a favorite of Fortnightmares, the party trooper outfit is now available in the item shop from November 1 at 8 p.m.

“And if you want a Balvin celebration before the show, go visit La Familia at Furnite Creative from October 25th to October 31st – an island created by community members Iscariot and Davidpakmi where you can play songs based on Balvin’s latest album. ”

The Fortnightmares in-game event ends 3 days later on November 3rd.

As part of the event, players killed in battle return as haunted agents from Midas.

As ghosts, players have a new range of powers, including the ability to pass through walls and doors.

Ghost agents can regain health by consuming items, and highlight live players on the map.

Fortnite could be one of the last major events to take place before the start of season 5, which is expected to arrive sometime in late November.

The current Battle Pass is due to expire on November 30, so if any other major live events are being planned, Epic Games will need to announce it next week.

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