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Free rom-only app

Twitter cannot tweet without an account, but you can view public tweets without an account. However, from August 2021 onwardsSpecifications that require login to display tweetsIntroduced, and it has become difficult to browse Twitter smoothly without an account. If you use the open source application “Fritter” for Android, you can follow tweets from public accounts without having to log in to your account, and you can also create lists and save tweets locally which is very convenient.

Fritter: The privacy-friendly Twitter frontend for mobile devices

GitHub – jonjomckay/fritter: The privacy-friendly Twitter frontend for mobile devices

Fritter-Google Play App

Tap “Install” in Google Play Store to download the app.

After installation when you start the fritter it looks something like this. I haven’t registered a Twitter account to browse yet, so nothing displays.

Tap the humanoid icon, which is second from the left on the top tab, and then tap “Import from Twitter” under “Subscriptions.”

Enter any account ID here and tap on the blue icon in the bottom right…

The account the account is following is automatically registered in Fritter. Tap the arrow icon in the top left.

Accounts are queued in “Subscriptions”.

If you tap the leftmost tab on the top tab, Tweets from the registered account will be organized in a timeline format. Since I’m not logged into the Twitter service at all, I can’t “Tweet from my account” or “Like or RT”, but I can only do it by “viewing tweets”.

You can group registered accounts by tapping the second from the left on the top tab, and then tapping “New” in “Groups.”

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For example, if you only want to differentiate between company official accounts, enter “official account” in the group name, check only company official accounts, and tap “OK” in the bottom right.

Then, in this way a group is formed. If you only want to follow official account information, tap the “Official account” group to view only official account Tweets in timeline format. You can do exactly the same thing as Twitter’s list functions.

You can also check the trend by tapping the third from the left on the top tab.

And if you have a favorite Tweet, tap the meatball icon in the upper right corner of the Tweet and select “Save” to save the Tweet locally.

Tap the right side of the top tab to see Tweets you’ve saved. Since you’re not logged in, you can view your favorite Tweets even in an offline environment as long as you save them locally.

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