Fresh impetus for wind energy in the country

Fresh impetus for wind energy in the country

In a time of skyrocketing electricity prices, expanding renewable energy is the order of the day. So far, the OVP has been fairly cautious about wind power, but has now had a change of heart: “Every piece of the puzzle is welcome,” said OVP Governor Marcus Wallner over the weekend. Green Party counselor Daniel Zadra is more pleased because he already eagerly awaits the implementation of the first wind power projects – such as the one on Fender, for example.

In the summer there were talks between the mayors of Zadra and Mogers and Eichenberg. Municipalities set two conditions: residents must be well informed and agree, and iIllwerke vkw must be involved. Both are now apparently within reach.

Ilverke VKW ready

As Zadra confirmed to ORF Vorarlberg, Ilwerke is ready and provides everything to feed wind power into the Vorarlberg grid. In addition, Zadara has asked the Renewable Energy Working Group (ARGE) to develop a wind power project for Pfender and approach the state’s spatial planning department.

Building a Wind Turbine on Soboth


Will wind turbines similar to this (symbol image from Carinthia) soon be installed in Vorarlberg?

Spatial planning seeks the meeting of communities

Obviously, this request was received very positively there as well, says Patrick Domig from ARGE Renewable Energy. The State Department recommended an expedited meeting with the two local communities. Its purpose is to clarify what official procedures are required for the system and which wind turbines are also feasible. This meeting is going to happen soon.

wind enough on the pledge

“Technically, everything has already been clarified on the site,” Domig says, and they also know where the transformer from the Ilwerke VKW needs to go. According to Domig, the measurements show that the wind on the Pfender is not ideal, but sufficient, and a wind turbine there certainly makes sense given the energy crisis. Calculations show that the three wind turbines on the Pfänder could supply electricity to about 15,000 people.

Population survey should be done

However, Domig says, ARGE only wants to work on a wind power project for Pfender if local communities have a clear desire. Otherwise, there will be a risk of wasting hundreds of hours of work just because it ended up saying you don’t want to.

The mayor also wants residents’ consent. The last time the population was asked about it was in the autumn of 2014. In Eichenberg, the general agreement with wind power was 52 percent at the time and 80 percent in Mogers. You don’t know what it looks like today. In addition, financing should be clarified, Domig says, adding that he can envision citizen participation here, for example in the form of a cooperative.

Other locations being investigated

However, Pfänder is not the only possible place in Vorarlberg to harness wind power. Zadra mentions Bielerhöhe, Laterans, Montaphon and Brandnertl. A few days back, the state had set up an analysis company to examine these locations for suitability for wind power. Zadara expects quick results here, as several tourist destinations have already sent them ideas for wind turbines. In any case, the provincial council is convinced that the first wind turbines will be replaced in Vorarlberg in just two years.

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