From Bucharest to Wall Street, UiPath’s Meteorite Growth

From Bucharest to Wall Street, UiPath's Meteorite Growth

The Romania-born company has been launched on the New York Stock Exchange. It is valued at $ 35 billion.

It is one of Europe’s best-funded tech companies to storm the New York Stock Exchange. Two months after its final fundraising of $ 750 million – which valued it at $ 35 billion – Romanian-born start-up UiPath filed an introductory file with the US Financial Policeman, Securities and Exchange Commission on the New York Stock Exchange.

Unknown to the general public, Romanian start-up UiPath is running very fast since its first fundraising in 2017. It sells software platforms based on artificial intelligence technologies to companies in all fields, processes to automate time-consuming tasks and iterative business (update databases, extract information, etc.), thus freeing up more useful time for the human brain. . However, in their digital transformation movement, companies have been focusing on automation in a broad sense for many years.

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