Full account at risk: Don’t fall into this WhatsApp trap! | Life and knowledge

  Full account at risk: Don't fall into this WhatsApp trap!  |  Life and knowledge

High-Tech for Ears: In the weekly podcast “Take-Freaks”, BILD technology reporters Sven Shimer and Martin Eisenlauer talk about gadgets, games, and the elaborate Internet.

The problem is in front of the cell phone

WhatsApp was previously thought to be relatively hack-proof. Communication is encrypted, access to the account via mobile phone number is ensured and therefore no significant data is leaked with Messenger.

But obviously this is changing right now. Hackers are using a new, highly malicious trick to gain access to the entire WhatsApp account, including all messages, pictures and documents. Sven and Martin explain in the podcast how this new scam works and how you can protect it with extremely simple means.

In addition, the week is about Google’s WearOS smartphone operating system, data security on Facebook, rumors about Apple’s next generation, and a cell phone, costing an impressive 2500 euros (and probably worth the money). Have fun!

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A lot can be heard from TK-Freaks this week. Have a lot of fun with it!

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Tech runs on facebook

By the way: If you like, you can follow the technical devils on Facebook. in groups “Tech Fricks Interconnect” Sven and Martin answer questions about the podcast and look forward to feedback and suggestions.

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