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Gadgets: Science and Technology:

Incorrect power adapter can cause a smartphone to fire during charging. Sergei Kuzmenko, a senior expert in the testing of Rosacestovo’s digital products, named the cause on Sputnik Radio’s air.

He recalled that when purchasing a charger, you should keep in mind the technical features of the gadget. So, the output of a standard power adapter for charging is 5 volts and 1.5 amperes. In addition, there are adapters with quick charge technology – quick charge – with increased power consumption. However, the same power must be supported by the device – this information can be found in the technical specifications of the smartphone.

“At best, such an initiative would cause battery burns, and at worst, the device itself in fire,” Kuzmenko warned.

This rule also applies to the use of portable chargers. “In China, external batteries are made where there are two outputs. The user sees that a device has output for 5 volts and 10 volts, he thinks it charges 10 fast and plugs the cord into it, “he gave an example. As a result, the use of portable charging A year later, the battery on the smartphone loses its capacity – much faster than charging at 5 volts, the Roschastovo expert concluded.

Formerly Kuzmenko ToldIn which case the smartphone cannot be charged. According to him, connecting the gadget to a power device is prohibited when the gadget’s battery is swollen. It is also not recommended to connect the phone to the charger if the phone is in direct scorching rays and is hot or wet.


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