Gboard: New Content You Interface Has Been Launched For First Users – Provides A Better Overview (Screenshot)

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keyboard app Gboard Provides much more than just the classic input of letters, numbers and characters – as there are many special functions on the board. They also want them to be placed somewhere, so that over the years the menu becomes increasingly full. It will soon receive updated content from you which will bring a cleaner and more accessible interface.

Gboard logo

Gboard not only has the classic keyboard, but it also has several other interfaces and optional functions that can be accessed through a menu. It has quick access to frequently used features like GIFs, stickers or translation, but lesser-used functions such as one-handed access, settings or floating keyboard. The latest update now gives this component a material interface.

gboard content you update

Users now have the option to add another button for quick access, so that up to five actions can be performed next to each other. New is the More menu, to call up all the other options, which then opens an interface with a list. As can be seen in the screenshot above, the buttons have now been given a slightly lighter background to make them stand out more.

The new design is currently only visible to beta users, but should be visible to all users in the coming weeks.

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