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Sunare Weather Forecast, I’m Curious…

Annually, Name App “Apple’s Choice”Apple Design Awards 2021The announcement was made this year as well. Twelve games and apps and their respective developers were selected from among the myriad apps.

This year, the awards were given to six categories: “Innovation,” “Visuals and Graphics,” “Interaction,” “Pleasure and Fun,” “Inclusion,” and “Social Impact.” Let’s quickly look back.


The most robust text-to-speech app supporting over 24 languagesvoice dream reader, a mixed reality adventure game with a unique scene.HoloVistais nominated. Inclusion is praised for supporting people from diverse backgrounds.

happiness and joy

Children’s app “Alto Odyssey” Creator’s App “poke poke playroom“Soviet Union cosmonauts, for some reason, dive into Earth instead of space with grandeur and humour.”Little OrpheusNominated. Comrades, let’s go to the core of the earth!


Unlike the beautiful UI, the human-hating tsundere artificial intelligence ironically tells us the weather.carrot season, an interaction game app like the bird version of “Seaman”lonely birdCommunication with AI is becoming common these days.

Social Impact

Visually impaired people are paired with volunteers from around the world to identify things through cameras.be my eyesis nominated. More than 300,000 people with visual impairment and over 4.5 million volunteers are participating.

Another nomination game app is “albaDeveloped by ustwo games, known as “Monument Valley”, we will clean up the trash while visiting the islands of the Mediterranean. A work that covers environmental issues in one impressive scene.

visuals and graphics

sleep app”Luna“and open world games”original deityIn both cases, the unity of the theme enhances the user experience, so it’s no surprise that the visual evaluation is high, although the styles are different.

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Image: Apple, Mihoyo Limited

Genshin has been rated as “breaking new ground in the mobile game visuals”, but I feel like I play solidly. Effects, shadows, characters, everything is so beautiful…


chantingIt’s interesting. It is an app that supports Indian vocal music, and generates accompaniment in real time according to artificial intelligence and Core ML singing voice. Okay.

Finally, I brought the familiar PC game to mobile.League of Legends: Wild Liftis nominated. MOBA is said to be a genre that is difficult for beginners to participate in, but there is a lot of support around it. If you are interested in the world of LoL, you can start here.

So far, we’ve featured 12 apps selected at the Apple Design Awards 2021. “Genshin” has just started a huge phenomenon and has been picked up on the App Store. Mobile expression is accelerating.

Source: Apple (Japan)


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