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Many manufacturers of modern electric cars are currently showing a tendency to accommodate more and more sensor hardware in their vehicles in order to assist them or drive autonomously as safely as possible – followed by cameras and radar. Lidar may soon become a kind of standard instrument, But Tesla is going the opposite way: “Sight only” has been the motto since spring 2021, and after radar was gradually removed from all models, it was announced in early October that those with ultrasonic sensors The same will happen. Now the first such streamlined Model 3 and Model Y have been given – and do not cause excitement.

Tesla almost canceled ultrasounds around the world

Tesla had already told in early October that this would happen. From this point on, the Model 3 and Model Y produced for North America, Europe, the Middle East and Taiwan (ie not for China) will no longer be equipped with ultrasound, the announcement said. “For a short period” means that some previously available features of the autopilot system will not be available. Solid Name Tesla Park Assist, Autopark, Summons and Smart Summons – The last three of these comfort functions are part of the surcharge option EAP or FSD.

Before the first deliveries, it was still expected that Tesla delivered the Model 3 and Model Y (the Model S and Model X are to follow the ultrasound deletion in 2323) or received more than the previous ones, to compensate for the better cameras. software. However, in the beginning, he was disappointed. reddit in the US-heavy forum reported a customer Already received a Model 3 without ultrasound last week – and without any parking support. And almost the same news came this week for the Model Y, produced and delivered in Germany.

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A software update may still be coming – according to German Forum TFF . Member in TYLR Its Model Y version, handed out on Tuesday, is 2022.28.300, and the previously delivered vehicles are already at 2022.36 and higher. However, for the time being, according to TYLR, their Model Y display from the German Tesla factory looks like this: “I would say there is currently no warning noise or parking assistance via cameras. Other than that, I didn’t see anything about the parking assist.”

Autopilot limit due to radar exemption

Before delivery of the Model 3 and Model Y without ultrasound, customers ordering prior to this transition will need to confirm in their Tesla account that they have accepted a notice about temporarily missing features, many of them told. So the restrictions aren’t really that surprising. Still, people in the United States and Germany were puzzled as to why Tesla had not previously improved its software to such an extent that even normal comfort functions could be provided without the sensor removed. According to the announcement, they will be made available again with an over-the-air update “in the near future”.

Due to the absence of radar, many autopilot assistants were also initially restricted – and unlike earlier ultrasounds, this sensor is turned off even in vehicles in which it is still installed. with The Autosteer maximum possible speed was raised again by Tesla to some extent.But still the radar has not reached the level of 150 km/h before being cancelled.


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