Get this message from WhatsApp, click or don’t rob!

Get this message from WhatsApp, click or don't rob!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A new scam method is back for WhatsApp users. This method is not from instant messaging sites, but from SMS to cell phones.

This mode was revealed by the Directorate of Cybercrime (DTPsiper), Parescrim, Police Headquarters. National Police Cyber ​​told on its Instagram account that fraudsters will admit that WhatsApp is in SMS content.

“Fraudsters will never try to trap a victim, including fake messages sent via SMS. “SMS is a form of fraud in the name of the popular messaging application WhatsApp,” Cyberbally said on Tuesday (4/5/2021). . ).

In SMS, the recipient of the message claiming to receive the award. In order to further trap the victim, one gets crores of rupees in gifts.

Photo: whatsapp fraud (doc instagram ccicpolri)

In the screenshot, Cheater’s message shows whether the WhatsApp number has won the prize money. However, it was not told whether the news came from any official company.

The victim will be asked to click on the link in the message. Police suspect that link phishing or a fraudulent scheme is intended to steal the victim’s account at a later date.

Cyberbullying also shares preventive measures so that the community does not become the next victim. Asked not to suppress the link in the message.

According to Cyberpolis, the link is a way to trick users because it is not sent directly to WhatsApp.

“Because messages are not sent directly through WhatsApp, phishing will, in many other cases, possibly involve consumers in connections,” continued Cyber ​​Polly.

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