“Get viber, I can’t open Gmail …”: People don’t mess up apps

Android mobile phone users have complained that applications they use every day, such as Gmail and Viber, have not been working since yesterday, which is why Google had to react and propose to resolve this problem .

The service told users that they are aware of problems that cause non-functioning of these applications and there is a way that they can solve it themselves.

Namely, as they say, this is an “unknown error in updating the Android system”, that is, in the Android WebView component, which allows developers to display web pages in their applications, for which they immediately offer a solution Of.

You need to open the settings on your phone (Settings) and enter the application (application). Then, among the offered items, it is necessary to find “Android WebView” and click on the three dots in the upper right corner and click “Uninstall update”.

There is an easy way to get this app contact, Which will take you directly to the Google Play Store, where you can update it.

Previously, it was necessary to uninstall the update to make the updated application work again, and since Google detected the problem, the update is also possible this way.

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