Gitech’s new MX anywhere. The mouse has buttons to control the zoom calls

 Gitech's new MX anywhere.  The mouse has buttons to control the zoom calls

As far as design goes, the MX3 anywhere is about the same size as the 2s anywhere, but it has new silicone side grips and a little extra bump on its back that helps it fit in your palm a little more easily. As a person accustomed to a big mouse like the MX Master 2s, it felt small before 3 anywhere. However, it didn’t take me long to adjust the side buttons and make good use of them – not only during video chats, but also when side-scrolling. You can side-scroll with the mouse by pressing a side button and moving the megaspeed wheel at the same time. It’s a lot less cumbersome than it sounds and I really like it on the side wheel that adorns the MX Master 2s and its successor.

The new metal magspeed wheel on this mouse is essentially a smaller version on the MX Master On. It brings electromagnetic scrolling anywhere 3, which is more accurate and faster than the previous scrolling mechanism on 2s anywhere. The new mouse also has 4000 dpi darkfield technology that helps it track any material, even glass, and the wheel has mid-click functionality that you can customize in the Logitech options.

You can also customize the scroll force in Logitech’s software software, which will increase or decrease the number of lines you feel when scrolling in ratchet mode. By default, the top button switches between chat and hyperfast scrolling mode, but like most buttons on MX devices, you can change the action assigned to that button in the options.

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All of these features allow you to customize the way you use 3 anywhere, while you’re using it, and it’s a good thing you’re going to use it on the mouse, well, Anywhere. I’ve spent it with anywhere, I’ve used it on my desk as well as on my bed, on my kitchen countertops and on the glass side table in my living room for a while and it has all worked well. That atmosphere. I haven’t taken a single charge since I pulled it out of the box thanks to the mouse’s 70-day battery life. It also charges via USB-C, which is a solid gain for sick people looking at the micro USB ports on our new devices.

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 comes in a universal version, compatible with most operating operating systems, including Chrome OS and Linux, and is an optimized version for the OS Cause. The former works via Bluetooth or with the included USB receiver while the latter is Bluetooth-only. Both are priced at $ 79 and are available for pre-order today Logitech’s website.


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