Google – All users will need to use …

Google - All users will need to use ...

From an option that could be activated by those who were genuinely concerned about protecting personal accounts, two-step authentication becomes an essential security criterion, which is active on all Google accounts.

The US giant, Google, announced that it would activate the 2FA (two-factor authentication) function on all of its user accounts after being configured and verified in this regard.

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An optional feature so far, 2FA is an additional step to secure online accounts. After entering a username and password while trying to authenticate, the 2FA system sends the user a temporary code on the phone, which he must complete to verify his identity.

In this system, identity verification is done through a personal phone, assuming that a hacker who knows the username and password of an account failed to steal or break his phone, in order to interrupt the verification code.

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Before passing on 2FA to all its billions of users, Google will begin a process to verify them. Activation of 2FA will be done only after the notification received by the users on the phone, confirming their identity.

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Upon activation, users of Google services will receive a verification code via SMS or a special application. Authentication applications, such as auti, are a more secure option, as SMS is a more sensitive feature.

The safest way to use the 2FA function remains physical authenticity – a small device that can be locked. The codes generated by the physical authenticator do not depend on a wireless connection that is susceptible to interception.


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