Google Chrome: The browser’s new, super-secret redesign is coming soon — it’ll probably just be a fad

Google Chrome: The browser's new, super-secret redesign is coming soon — it'll probably just be a fad

users of Google Chrome should not rely on new version 108 But also wait for the content you update soon, which is going to bring new color to the browser and Chrome OS operating system. But maybe that’s not all, because for 2023 they are working on a “super secret, absolutely not intended for the public” browser. It looks like a really round thing.

Chrome OS Stuff You Design 3

with content you Google will adapt the color of the browser to the dominant colors of the background image, as is known from smartphones since Android 12. But that will not be all, as in the coming year they want to take further steps to slightly adjust the design of the desktop version of the browser. Knowing full well that development is being watched, they now make fun of it.

google chrome super fresh redesign

In concrete terms, it is probably about the fact that the buttons and input fields should be a little more rounded to match the refreshed design of the smartphone. Because many elements today are already slightly rounded, this shouldn’t have such a big impact on the overall presentation. Especially not because most websites today set up their own designs. To poke fun at myself and those watching the leak, the project is now called “Super Secret, absolutely not intended for the public”,

Maybe something big is coming, but I’m assuming it will only be baby steps in 2023 and the real super-secret redesign will be developed behind closed doors 🙂

[Chrome Unboxed]

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