Google Drive Offline Save Mode & Deleted Files Recover Tips

Google Drive Offline Save Mode & Deleted Files Recover Tips

Free cloud storage is provided by Google to store files like photos, videos, PDF-Word documents etc.. Google Drive. Google has recently told users that the service of Google Drive can be used online as well as offline. To this extent, users can access the files on their drives without an Internet connection.

Files in the user drive must be uploaded online.

Then open the file.. Click on the three dots on the right.

There will be an offline option. Clicking on it will put the file in offline mode. That means it will appear in offline section at any time without internet connection.

Actually this is not a new option. In 2019, Google brought this feature for testing.

Google Drive allows users to mark up certain types of files while using the web. But now it has made the offline feature fully available to its users. For this the drive has to be updated in the Play Store.

Users are advised to install the Google Drive desktop app on Mac and Windows computers. In this, going to drive settings, right click on supported files and offline option will appear. enough to enable it. If you open the Drive web app, you’ll see files offline in it.

This feature will be available for Google Workspace clients as well as Cloud Identity Free, Cloud Identity Premium, Zee Suite Basic, Zee Suite Business and regular clients.

If the data is full..

Currently offers 15GB storage data for free. If you want more storage then you have to pay. 100 GB storage per month for Rs. 130 will have to be paid. Also 200 GB storage for Rs. 200, 2 TB storage Rs. Have to buy 650.

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Photos, videos and files can be accidentally deleted from the drive. Otherwise it can be deleted. Such people can be brought back. Because those pictures are in the trash. Restore them and they will be back in the Drive folder.

If it doesn’t.. you can contact Google. They are then retrieved by technicians and experts.

Deleted photo can be permanently deleted if necessary.

When storing photos or other files in Drive in Multi Selection.. Wait until it is completely uploaded. Otherwise those files will not be stored on the drive.


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