Google is rolling out an update that will fix the top 8 vulnerabilities in its Chrome web browser

Google is rolling out an update that will fix the top 8 vulnerabilities in its Chrome web browser

Eight vulnerabilities affecting desktop versions of the Google Chrome browser are being fixed with the help of a new update recently released by the US giant, informs the Romanian blog of Antivirus solution maker, Asset.

Among the bugs that were fixed was a zero-day type, which “in-the-wild” is known to be actively exploited.

According to experts, security gaps affect the Windows, macOS and Linux versions of the popular browser.

An analysis of Cyber ​​Security Help cited by Asset suggests that a remote attacker could exploit the vulnerability by tricking the victim to visit a special website created for this purpose, triggering a type confusion error, which After that it will execute an arbitrary code on the affected system. . “Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could lead to complete compromise of the vulnerable system,” the source said.

  • “Beyond the zero day vulnerability, the new version fixes seven more security vulnerabilities, with Google specifically listing six bugs that have been remedied by external researchers. Five vulnerabilities were listed as high severity, while One was classified as average. The tech giant has not released any further details about the vulnerabilities. This is a common practice, as the company aims to get more users to upgrade their Chrome browser to the latest version available. and to reduce the chances of cybercriminals taking advantage of security loopholes,” the blog said.

In this context, the HKCERT (Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center) classified the vulnerabilities as extremely high risk.

Amidst these discovered vulnerabilities, administrators and users are advised to update their browsers to the latest version (91.0.4472.164) as soon as possible.

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“If you have enabled automatic updates, your browser should update itself to the latest version. Alternatively, you can update your Chrome (or Chromium) browser manually by accessing the “About Google Chrome” section , which can be found in “Help” in the menu bar; other browsers are not susceptible to these vulnerabilities”, the experts underline.

Asset was founded in 1992 in Bratislava (Slovakia) and is one of the top companies offering malware detection and analysis services, present in over 180 countries.

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