Google is studying a technique to help improve sleep

Google is studying a technique to help improve sleep

Google Nest Hub is entering your dreams with the new key feature of smart speakers. With the help of the latest version, users will have their own trainer for quality sleep.

They will be able to monitor their sleep and improve the quality of their rest hours.

The technology is based on a sensor, which is able to detect motion without a camera, which includes the depth of breathing of a person.

The developers reported, “It also has gesture control, so you can move your hand to turn it on or off from the front of the device.

But most importantly, Nest Hub will generate sleep reports. This allows users to track how often they wake up, snore, or cough at night.

Based on this report, the program makes a series of recommendations for a quality sleep. The recommendations were made with the help of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Like the previous generation, the $ 100 Nest Hub, through Google’s voice-activated assistant, can display pictures and videos in addition to questions and household chores.

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