Google launches ‘One Tap’, an easier and faster way to identify yourself on third-party websites and apps

Google launches 'One Tap', an easier and faster way to identify yourself on third-party websites and apps

Identity on third-party websites with a Google Account This is something that has been around for years. We use our open Google session to verify our identity (or the time we open it) and the website, or the app in question, will use a token provided by Google to identify us and allow us to access an area reserved for users. does to provide.

But till now, the system was a bit more complicated than expected as we had to go to another screen owned by Google to complete the process. With ‘One Tap’, Google Simplifies the Process And it already allows us to identify more quickly, easily and securely with a single touch on the screen. A new feature for ‘Google Identity Services’ that comes with other news Regarding updates and record.

A single touch on the screen and we will be recognized

With the new update to the Google Identity module, we’ll be able to see our profile picture and our account email address. This will be proof that our Google session has started correctly and we can use it to identify ourselves elsewhere. we will only need Click “Continue as”, the button whose text is completed with our first namein order to complete the identification.

In the Identity box we can also see text that indicates which website or service we are logging into. This can be seen at the top next to the X which will allow us to close the box to continue browsing without detection, or to exit the page or app. Google ready to design modifications Of this new quick detection box, maybe customizable for certain services, websites or apps.

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From the developer side, Google’s new quick login also comes with simplifications in the deployment process. According to Google account, It is designed to require a “minimal code” that links the web to a Google account. Via a simple SDK. Taking advantage of these amendments, Google has also introduced changes to the safeguards against abuse and fraud, as already introduced Security for companies months ago. The company also comments that it ‘identify yourself with Google’ reduces the number of duplicate and fraudulent accounts.

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