Google: No more passwords for activity page

Google: No more passwords for activity page

New Delhi: The leading search engine Google has launched another new feature for its users. Google has announced that it is adding additional security to its user activity. Users have made this feature available to keep their discoveries confidential using a sharing device.

How to activate ..

To activate this feature, click on and click on the ‘Manage My Activity’ link. Then you have to save these settings and enter the password. After activating this feature, users have to log in with their Google account password. Then go to the activity page and ask for the password. Then we can access the activity page. This provides additional security for Google users. Users must enter a password to completely delete the activity history.

Google said in a statement that the new feature would allow users to track their activity and not lose any valuable information. Google has recently introduced some new features that are useful for users. Double-clicking the Google app on Android phones will make the search bar larger and you can remove the last 15 minutes of activity from the company’s servers with one tap. It also allows you to set passwords for folders with personal photos.

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