Google Pay becomes Google Wallet: Restart brings the platform back to the future – it should continue like this

Google Pay becomes Google Wallet: Restart brings the platform back to the future – it should continue like this

The payment platform was relaunched a few months back google pay Officially announced new product changes or integrations Google Wallet Should bring You might describe the whole thing as “back to the future,” because you’re launching a new product with an old brand and an old strategy. However, Google is leaving a back door open and the latest developments are again stumbling.

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The transition from Google Pay to Google Wallet and the integration of Pay into the new Wallet product were announced by Google in early May after lengthy speculation. So far, very little has happened in this direction and Edit at the top of Google Pay The change could have been stopped again, but the path that has been taken will probably be adopted for the time being.

Google Wallet has a completely different approach than Google Pay, but the two apps overlap so much in the payments realm that they integrate with each other. This means you can continue to pay with your credit card stored in Google Pay as usual, regardless of the app’s logo or name. This is also possible because the pay infrastructure is deeply integrated into Android and natively doesn’t require an app at all.

The change is necessary not only because Google lost out with the split of Google Pay, but also because of further development. Work is being done to digitize many physical things from the wallet and store it in the smartphone. Some of these fit in with loyalty cards like Google Pay, but other things stored in it (listed below) simply don’t want to be squeezed into the word “pay.” In the “wallet” (purse) that fits more.

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Google Wallet

Google Wallet aims to digitize all the possible items in the wallet so that in the future all you need is your smartphone. This includes everything from payment options to car keys to ID or vaccination certificates. Google has already announced the following and promised more. They want to create ways for users to store things that are not officially supported by the wallet. However, no details were given.

It can be saved in Google Wallet

  • Credit Card
  • Boarding Pass / Travel Ticket
  • loyalty card
  • event ticket
  • car key
  • student ID card
  • vaccination certificate
  • Driving license (end of this year)
  • Hotel Keys (coming soon)
  • Office Badges (coming soon)

That’s enough. Credit cards are also managed with Wallet, but using your smartphone to pay at supermarket checkout is the main function of Google Pay. This way, both products remain in place, even though in most cases the user will only interact with the wallet. The following animation on Twitter summarizes very well how Google Wallet would be built.

But that doesn’t mean Google is cleaning up now and has only one app all over the world again. Instead, there are still three different configurations, but at least we German-speaking users this time relate to the rest of the world, which is in the absolute majority.

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google pay google wallet map

Google Pay will become Google Wallet in almost every country in the world where Pay could be used before. On the other hand, in the United States, Google Wallet and GPay will exist in parallel. Apparently they’re still following some plans with GPay that can’t be crammed into a wallet-pay corset. The question is, if it succeeds, will things change anytime soon in the rest of the world? A missed opportunity in my opinion. And India itself is another chapter, because there is no wallet on the semi-continent.

It remains to be seen how successful this restart is. I could imagine that initially many users would not be excited about the wallet. Because by default they only have their credit card, which they suddenly need two apps to manage. But the wallet itself must fill with reservations and tickets, accept customer cards and store other things. After a certain transitional period, it probably would have been worth it and Google is also on track with an Apple recipe in this area.

As announced at the time, the switch from Google Pay to Google Wallet was due to begin in the next few weeks, but so far little has happened in that direction.

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