Google Pay & Paytm S Split Feature Now Ask Your Friends & Relatives For Free Loans

Google Pay & Paytm S Split Feature Now Ask Your Friends & Relatives For Free Loans

Mumbai : The trend of digital payment has increased rapidly. in that too on google And PaytmTransactions through similar apps are increasing. Both these payment app companies are continuously improving the features for their users. Now a new feature has been added to it. Paytm and Google Pay users can split their bills and then pay each part of the bill separately. There will also be an auto option in which the entire amount will be distributed equally among the contacts. Below are the step-by-step options for splitting bills on Google Pay and Paytm.

How to use the new feature of Google Pay?

Open Google Pay and click on New Payment Option.

A new screen will open. The ‘New Group’ option appears under the ‘Transfer Money’ tab on this screen.

After clicking on the ‘New Group’ option, a new screen will appear showing all the contact numbers and names.

On this screen you can add the contact person to the group with whom you want to share the bill.

On the next screen you will be asked the name of the group.

Once the group is created, users will see a ‘Split n Expense’ button in the bot.

When you want to split the amount, it will either be divided equally among the group members or you can set the amount according to which the contact person has to pay.

At this point, if you don’t want someone in the group to pay the bill, you can uncheck it.

After setting the parameters, click on ‘Send Request’ and the payment request will be sent.

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Group members will be able to track whether they have paid or not on the main screen of the group.

This option for Paytm

After opening the Paytm app, users will have to swipe to the right to go to the conversation page.

The option of ‘Split Bill’ will appear at the bottom of the app.

When it is clipped, a new page will appear, it will have the option to split the amount and select the contact person.

On the same page, users can choose to auto split in which the same amount will be split among all the contact persons.

In addition, users can manually select the amount to be paid to each individual.

And after selection the payment request will be sent.

Clicking on the amount on the main page of the group will give information about the split.

Apart from this, you can also see here which contact person has made the payment.

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