Google search has Easter eggs for Diwali

Google search has Easter eggs for Diwali

It’s officially Diwali and Google with a special Easter egg to join in the virtual celebration. Google’s Diwali Easter egg is available on search, and it can be activated with search terms like Diwali, Diwali festival and Diwali India.

To check Easter eggs, you have to type Diwali in Google search. On the right side of the search results page in the information box about Diwali, you will see a dia. Tap on the light to unlock more dice spread across the page. You can then take these diyas and highlight the other dice to brighten up the whole page. Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over darkness so this Easter egg adds to the meaning of the festival.

The top of the Google search results page is also decorated with dice. It has also launched a dedicated Google Arts and Culture page for Diwali. Here you will find articles about the history of Diwali, its significance and meaning and how Indians celebrate the festival. It also has a video of Amish Tripathi, author and director of the Nehru Center, with broadcasters Neil McGregor and Neil McGregor on why Diwali is special this year.

The page is full of pictures related to Diwali related decorations, traditions and food items. You can also get pictures of Diwali celebrations and the festivals around it. There is also a gallery of various rangoli designs and lamp traditions. It also has the history of Diwali from Ramayana and the importance of Hindu Goddess Lakshmi.

That’s not all. Diwali is an AR experience, through which you can illuminate virtual dice, and even burst fireworks.

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