Google Shows Users More Alternatives To Android Search Engines multimedia

  Google Shows Users More Alternatives To Android Search Engines  multimedia

European users of Android phones and tablets will soon see more options for the search engine. In addition to Google, users can now choose from a limited number of alternative default search engines in Android settings. To prevent a new legal eviction with the European Union, the company is expanding it.

Google’s parent company Alphabet was already fined more than 4 billion euros in 2018 for unfair competition with the mobile operating system Android. Then Google also received a list of changes the technology group should make. In 2019, Google then came up with a selection screen for the search engine. However, the freedom of choice for consumers was still quite limited. And owners of other search engines also had to pay to go to the selection screen. Rival search engines like Ecosia have complained about this.

Google promises that from September the five most popular search engines in a particular country will be at the top of the selection screen. Below this can be up to seven alternative search engines from which to choose. Users can also download alternative search apps and set them as default.

Competing search engine DuckDuckGo says Google’s new changes don’t go far enough. “Google is now doing what it should have done three years ago: a free search preference menu on Android in the EU,” CEO Gabriel Weinberg tweeted. But said. But according to him, Google should make similar changes for other platforms as well and in all countries.

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