Google will soon get a new update

త్వరలో కొత్త అప్‌డేట్‌ తీసుకురానున్న గూగుల్‌
  • Ease of capturing high quality video in low storage
  • Let it be operated with one hand

New Delhi: Google is all set to launch the new Android update-Android 12 this year. The developer preview is already available in several Pixel models. It lets users know what new features will be introduced in upcoming updates. After Apple, Google is now more focused on data privacy. The latest update will bring special features accordingly.

  • Android 12 is only available on some phones because it is still a developer preview. It currently supports Google Pixel 3, 3A, 4, 4A, 5 Series phones.
  • If an application does not support HEVC (high-efficiency video coding), a special feature will be introduced to automatically convert the file to AVC (Advanced Video Coding). This makes it possible to capture high quality video in less storage.
  • Android 12 will support the AVIF image file format. AVIF has better photo quality than JPEG format.
  • Android 12 will feature one-hand mode (which allows you to operate the phone with one hand).
  • Heavy apps are also easy to run.
  • Not only can the presence of information change, but they can also be opened rapidly.
  • The music and gaming experience will improve with hepatic-coupled audio effects.
  • Google is about to introduce new features related to security and privacy.
  • Android 12 will work better on TVs, foldable phones and tablets.
  • New themes will be introduced that are different from previously used themes and colors.


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